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bob the donkey is of course

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Q: What is the birth probability of 30 year old?
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If I'm 30 years old what year was I born in?

Calculated from 2010, the year of birth was 1980. (2010 minus 30 = 1980).

What can prevent a 30 year old woman from concieving children?

If the 30 year old woman abstains from having sexual relations she will not get pregnant. Using condoms, spermicides, or birth control pills will also do the trick. There is nothing special that a 30 year old woman needs to do to prevent pregnancy. The same methods can be used for a 15 year old and a 40 year old.

What if where born October 30 1994 how old would you be?

Subtract the current year minus the year of birth. If it isn't yet October 30 in the current year, subtract one from the result.

What should 1 year old weigh if birth weight was 6.5 pounds?

an one year should weigh about to 25 pounds to 30

How old is a 30 year old?

A 30-year-old is more than 30 years old, but not yet 31 years old.

You randomly select a month of the year What is the probability that you select a month with 28 or 30 days in it?

First we don't consider leap year There is 1 month with 28 days: february There are 4 months with 30 days: april, june, september, november So the probability to select a month with 28 or 30 days is (1+4)/12 = 5/12 If the year is a leap year then the probability is 4/12

How old is Aldo Parisot?

Aldo Parisot is 96 years old (birthdate: September 30, 1921).*another source listed birth year as 1920

What is the probability of 30 numbered cards What is the probability of picking 7?

P(7)= 1/30

Can a 17 year old in sc date a 30 year old?


What is the probability that a randomly chosen month has 30 days?

there are 4 monthes that has 30 days each year there are 12 monthes each year. so the probabillity for picking a month that has 30 days in it is 4/12

What does a Typical 30 year old man look like?

there is no "typical" looking 30 year old man. every one is different in every way. like a 30 year old perv.

Can 30 year old date 16 year old?

I would wait till your 18 cause then your an adult and should know what you can and cant do with a 30 year old