What is the better travian or tribalwars?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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It really depends on what you like better. travian it bad graphics but it has alot of building opions for you to chose from. tribalwars is way better in graphic and less stresing but on some buildings it takes hours to complete. i play tribal wars because i like it better but it really depends on you

also on tribalwars you can make your own tribe.on travian you have to choose from three

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Q: What is the better travian or tribalwars?
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Which Travian like games are best?

games likekingsage tribalwars travian khanwars

Are there any other games like travian?

Yes, I think tribalwars has the most similarities with travian.

Which is first Tribalwars or Travian?

Trying not to be biased I would say Travian as it is simpler and easier to play which makes the game generally more fun.

Does anyone know of a good external forum to connect to a game like tribalwars or travian if there is no internal forum?

As far as I know Travian has internal forums for the alliances. I would recommend using Forumotion

Who made tribalwars?

TribalWars is a game made by Innogames. Innogames is a Company for online Games.

What are other games like tribalwars other than travian and kingsage?

Impreia online is a game that's like tribal wars and etc., but it's too complicated. That's why I quited. ANd here are some games that i think you would like... runescape battleon darkorbit Try them....

What does Ce' Travian Mean?

this travian

Do you play on tribalwars?


When did Travian happen?

Travian happened in 2004.

How much do better weapons help in travian?

There are not really weapons in travian, so I assume you mean better troops.Better troops are definitely helpful in travian, for example because they usually eat (relatively) less crop per hour. Other possible advantages are: relatively faster to build, better distribution of offensive or defensive power. Also cavalry has it's advantages and disadvantages over infantry.

Where do you find a travian scripts?

just write in google travian scriptsthat's what I do just write in google travian scriptsthat's what I do

How many tasks are there on Travian?

only 22 missions on travian