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loose board

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Q: What is the best word to complete the analogy jack is to flat tire as hammer is to?
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What is the analogy for jack flat tire hammer?

jack flat tire hammer

What is ballpin hammer?

A 'ballpeen ' hammer is an engineering hammer with one flat head and one hemispherical head.

What is slag hammer?

It is a hammer with a flat broad head for knocking slag off.

What is ball peen hammer?

A ball-peen hammer is a hammer with a flat head and an opposite, rounded - peening - head.

How do you get a scooter bearing out?

get a flat head screwdriver and hammer

What is ball peen?

A ball-peen hammer is a hammer with a flat head and an opposite, rounded - peening - head.

If an old 12 gauge Parker straight stock damascus has one flat hammer screw and one rounded screw which is correct?

Flat. Should be flush with the side of the hammer.

What is a engineer hammer?

A hammer with different faces like flat, hemispherical, broad or otherwise differently shaped, but not with a claw.

What is flat head nails used for?

So you can hammer it in easier

What is a ball pane hammer used for in technology?

'Peening' is the act of hammering some metal so that it flattens out in a circular shape, like a flower, than whacking it flat. The hammer used for peening has a ball shape on one side and a flat shape on the other. It is called a Ball-peen hammer). The ball end flattens out and away, and the flat side whacks the metal down flat.

What is ballpeen hammer?

That is a hammer with one flat side and one shaped like a ball. Used by furniture makers and engineers.

What is ball pein hammer?

It's a small hammer for use in upholstery . One head is flat and round and the othe is hemi-spherical.