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Olive oil is the best for moisture but natural body oil is also good so try not to get rid of it by over-washing.

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Q: What is the best natural oil for the body?
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What is the best natural preservative to use for body scrubs?

Vitamin E or Grapefruit Oil

Why Kanchiindianoil is best Natural Herbal Hair Growth Oil?

Haven't heard of it. Some of the best natural hair growth oils have jojoba oil and coconut oil.

What is Herbal Body Massage oil?

Herbal Body Massage Oil is 100% natural, organic Call Now: 9999144057,8744941093

the Middle East's best Natural Resource?


Do putting oil on your body make you fat?

It shouldn't if it's on top of the body. The best oil you can "eat" is olive oil.

Where is the Oil and Natural Gas Commission?

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is an Indian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Dehradun, India. Before it became a publicly held company it was a government body, known as The Oil and Natural Gas Commission.

What brush to use with oil paint?

Natural bristle brushes are best when working with oil based paints.

Which cooking oil is best for the body?

Extra Virgin Olive cholesterol

What is the best massage oil for babies?

Although there are many brands or products available in the market for baby massage oil. But everyone thinks that which are best for her babies. So it's better to go with Ayurvedic massage oils because Ayurvedic massage oil contains Sankhpusphi, Nagarmotha, Rasna,Urad, Ratanjot, Camphor, Pine oil, Sesame oil. These all are natural ingredients that helps to enhance the body growth in natural manner.. Best brand for baby massage oil are HImalaya, Mother Sparsh, Dabur.

What is the best natural lotion for shingles?

The best natural lotion for shingles is Dari Natural's Body Lotion. It's made from unrefined shea butter and olive oil. It's very gentle and won't cause any irritation. They also have a variety of scented lotions, but in your case I would recommend using an unscented one. Good luck!

Why do people toes get wrinkly in the bath tub?

When people are in water it depletes the body of it's natural oils. When there is low natural oil it makes your skin wrinkly. After a while the oil will come back.

How do you remove oil stain either natural or probably from the lotion I put on my body from Macintosh fabric?

You get it and then get it off