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Q: What is the bad side of having money?
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What are the down side of having a hobby?

There is a lot of good things about a hobby, but bad things are you get addicted and you can spend a lot of money on what every your hobby is.

Why is having a pet a bad thing?

Because of the mess and money it takes to care for them.

What all does having bad credit effect?

Having bad credit could disable an individual from buying a house or car. Bad credit is usually restrictive on larger purchases that require borrowing money to obtain the item.

How does a stable economy help people?

A good economy is with people having jobs and employment and not a lot of people having unemployment that is bad is bad because they don't get much money for all Everybody needs money so we need to get a real better economy

What is wrong if you keep having pain on your right side every time you eat?

you probably have a bad kidney

What is bad about having a credit card?

it is not bad to have a credit card, as long as you pay your balance every month, and not skip a payment, and do not use it if you do NOT have the money to pay for it.

Could having too much money be a bad thing?

well yes and no its good to have money to save so you can spend later but too much money can breed greed

What is bad about having dogs in the city?

It is just kind of bad because you might have to have them trained. Another bad reason why you might not have a dog because you have to have a license for the dog, which may cost money.

What are the side-effects of having bad posture?

Back problems, neck problems, you can mess up your spine, and it looks weird.

What are the physical side effects of smoking marijuana and having a blot clot?

you will have yellow teeth, bad skin and you will eventually die.

How can you get a cash loan if you are self employed and have bad credit?

You should avoid getting a loan, because that will put you farther under. Find a side job and get the money that way. Having bad credit is often a real sign that you do not manage money well or that your business is under funded. My advice is to take a long look at your situation, instead of trying to continually patch it up with borrowed cash infusions.

What are side effects of getting bad grades?

Well you dont get much money you dont get a good job and your life crashes.