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First, in landscaping terms there is NO 'dirt' - but there are many kinds of soil and sands. You should visit a landscaping yard or quarry to view these. - There have many different prices depending on the use.

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Q: What is the avreage cost of fill dirt per yard?
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What is the average cost of fill dirt per yard?

You need to check locally. Most of the cost will be delivery.

How much does dirt cost by cubic ft?

1 penny for the earth

How much does it cost to pump a yard of concrete?

Be careful usually it takes a yard just to fill the hose on the pumper truck

What is moxee dirt?

yard dirt

How much does it cost to remove a cubic yard of dirt?

My suggestion is not to buy fill dirt but to go to a local construction site and pick some up there. Waste dirt is usually left over from leveling the land to build. A foreman/site manager might just let you have all the dirt you would like.

How many tons are in 8 yards of dirt?

11 cubic yards of planting mix converted to how many tons?

A hole that is 2 yards wide3 yards long and 1 yard deep How many cubic feet of dirt are in it?

None because it's a hole but 6 cubic yards of dirt will fill it up.

How much weight is in one yard for belly dump trailer?

The same as it'll be in any other type of dump. There's no way to actually give a precise answer without knowing what the commodity is... a yard of mulch, a yard of fill dirt, and a yard of asphalt millings aren't going to weigh the same. A general rule of thumb is one ton per yard of fill dirt or hard ag product, but that's a guesstimation at best... really depends on exactly what the product is, and also how lossely it's packed... dry, loose sand and most, packed fill dirt will likewise give you two very different weights.

How many yards of dirt would it take to fill an area of 747 square feet?

You are mixing volume (square yard) and area (length x width). How deep do you want the dirt? One foot deep you need about 80 square yards of dirt.

How much does 1 yard of black dirt weigh?

This answer will vary depending on what type of dirt it is, if it is a yard high, or a yard long, or whether there are particles in the dirt that will cause it to be heavier, such as water. But a normal yard high of dirt and I am assuming this as if it is a yard long and high, would be about ten to twenty pounds. This is answered off of the top of my head, so don't think it as 100% correct. Hope I helped you well enough!

Will a cubic yard of gravel measure the same as a cubic yard of dirt?

yes dirt and gravel are measured the same.

How many yard of dirt do you need to fill a garden that is 4 foot wide and 16 foot long and 12 inches deep?

2.37 cubic yards.