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U.S. size 7 1/2

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Q: What is the average women foot size?
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What shoe size would a 26 cm foot of a Indian female need?

Women's US10 fits a 26cm foot length - average foot width for that size is approx 9.5cm.

What is the most popular shoe size for women?

The most popular shoe size for women is a size 8. This is because on average, most women are about 5 feet 4 inches tall, and foot size is usually correlates with how tall a person is.

What is the average shoes size for a women?

The average shoe size for a women is 7.5 - 8.

What is the average size of the male foot?

The average size of the male foot can vary from different cultures and regions. But, taken all males on Earth into consideration, the average size of the male foot is between 9 and 10.

How big is the average jellyfich?

the average size of a jellyfish is about the size of a human's foot

What is the average foot size of a 5 year old boy?

the average foot size of a 5 year old is 14 and a half

What is the average height weight and foot size for a 12-year-old girl?

the average foot size for a 12year old is size 5 height is about 5.5

How big is the average girls foot?

There is not an average sized female foot. Females come in all sizes and the foot size is determined by the person's size since the foot is responsible for helping to support the body.

What is a hyena's average size?

5 foot

What is the size of an average meerkat?

A foot tall

What is average size of jeans?

Jeans typically range in size from 24 to 36 for women and 28 to 40 for men. The "average" size would depend on various factors such as region and population demographics. However, sizes can vary greatly between brands and styles, so it's best to refer to the specific brand's size chart for an accurate fit.

What is an average size?

The average size of an object depends on what the object is. The average size of an American male is 5 foot 9 and 170 pounds.