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All losses are settled on their own merit, they are all investigated and evaluated. It all depends on the nature of the injury, disfigurement, disablitliy and on and on, an 'average' wouldn't be of any help. The damage is repaired to pre loss condtion. Also the term 'minor accident' is so subjective.

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Q: What is the average settlement amount for minor car accidents in Massachusetts?
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What is the average settlement amount for minor car accident in Ohio?

Settlements can vary widely, even the most minor-looking of accidents can result in a big settlement. Generally the goal is to fairly compensate a victim for the damages caused to the vehicle and the overall health of the victim(s).

What is the average settlement amount for a torn Achilles tendon?


What is the average settlement amount after disc fusion surgery?

The average settlement about after disc fusion surgery is $50,000. This amount can vary greatly depending on the severity of the surgery and the extensive risks associated with it.

What is the average settlement for slip and fall at walmart?

169,069. average amount of 125 cases.

What is the average settlement amount for a crushed foot?

Average settlement amounts for a crushed foot can vary widely depending on factors such as the extent of the injury, ongoing medical costs, loss of income, and other damages. It's best to consult with a personal injury attorney who can evaluate the specifics of the case and provide a more accurate estimate.

Average Workers Compensation settlement amount for hernia surgery in the state of Missouri?


Average settlement in a front end accident?

Amount of settlement is dependent on how much damage has occurred, and who was listed at fault on the police report.

What is an average award or settlement for a herniated disc?

There is no average award or settlement for a herniated disc, because so many different factors are involved. Award amounts will vary depending on whether the cause was negligence or not and what actually happened. A range for a settlement amount for a herniated disc is anywhere from $20,000 to $150,000 or more.

What is the average settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit?

It is difficult to determine the average settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit, because a meau number doesn't address the factors for determining the amount of settlement. These factors are figuring out the life expectancy of the deceased and taking into account how much money he or she would be expected to earn during that time. Therefore, each settlement is unique.

What is the average settlement for an auto accident and victim got a broken leg in 3 places and a broken rib?

There is no average or typical settlement amount. The amount of costs that the victim incurred in medical and other expenses addition to his/her time out of work would be the basis for seeking recovery. If the injured has serious surgeries and spent a lot of time in the hospital, the amount would be much higher than if they were treated in the emergency room and released. The amount of settlement also depends on the defendant's situation. His/her insurance would only be liable up to the policy maximums. If the defendant does not have the ability to pay over that, the potential settlement would be capped there.

What is the average amount accepted by credit card companies in a debt settlement?

Answer: Generally the amount accepted by credit card companies in a debt settlement varies depending on the amount of debt and the company you are negotiating with. The average would be anywhere between 70% to 50% and sometimes you might get it settled for around 45% also. I guess it is better to leave these tasks to a debt settlement company, their knowledge and experience puts them in the best position to stand up to your creditors and fight for the best settlement possible. I would recommend you for companies like freedom debt relief which are legitimate and reputable.

What is the settlement average on mesh bladder sling cases?

The average settlement amount in mesh bladder sling cases can vary widely depending on the specific circumstances of each case. Settlements can range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. Factors that can influence the settlement amount include the severity of the injuries, the degree of medical expenses and lost wages incurred, and the strength of the evidence supporting the plaintiff's claim.