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  1. 200,000
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Q: What is the average salary of a Canadian TV anchor?
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News anchor salaries?

A salary of a news anchor all depends on how well you are at what you do. If you're just starting out you make $15,000 to $18,000 dollars per year. It also depends on where you are reporting from and what news station you are reporting for.

What is the salary of a news anchor at KIRO TV in Seattle Washington?

too much

What is betty liu's salary?

Betty Liu is a news anchor for Bloomberg Television. As of May 2014, there is no public record of her salary.

How much does tv anchor kimberly Moss make in salary per year ON CHANNEL 12 FOX?


What is the average salary for a tv announcer?

$10.64 an hour

TV anchor John Roberts got his start in Canada as JD Roberts Doing what?

Working as a VJ on the Canadian version of MTV

Average salary of movie-tv camera operator?

average is about 70k, not too bad,

What were average child actor salaries on television in 1963?

The average actor salary was $2140500.

What is the salary of a news anchor in Pakistani television channels?

Well in a talk show Mr Talat Hussain who is a Anchor of a top Talk show has claimed that he paid Rs,2250000 tax which makes his annual salary around Rs12000000.In that Show Mr Kashif Abbasi who is the host of Off the Record ARY Network said that he paid Rs,1100000 Tax. I hope that give you a idea.

What is the average salary for an advertiser?

9mediaonline. com offers a wide range of monetization opportunities across multiple media channels including connected TV, smart TV, and OTT. Visit 9mediaonline .com for more details now. 9mediaonline. com/channels

Why is television anchor called television anchor?

the anchor is what everyone expects to see every time they turn to that specific channel. he keeps the conversation on point, anchors it so to speak.

When was John Drury - television anchor - born?

John Drury - television anchor - was born on 1927-01-04.