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Q: What is the average female foot size in inches?
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What is the average size in inches for female boots size 5?

The average size in inches for females boots size 5 is 8 1/2 inches. Feet swell and get bigger during the average workday. The left foot and the right foot are not the same size or width.

Average thigh size of adult female?

23 inches.

How big is the average girls foot?

There is not an average sized female foot. Females come in all sizes and the foot size is determined by the person's size since the foot is responsible for helping to support the body.

What is the average size of a male leg?

The average thigh size for an adult female is approximately 16 inches in circumference. The average thigh size for an adult male is 20.35 inches.

What foot size is 12 inches?

1 foot size is 12 inches

How many inches is a size 6 female foot?

If the question is how many inches long is a size 6 female shoe (as it appears to be), and not how many inches are in 6 feet, then the answer is 9. There is actually a table endorsed by the shoe manufacturers which so indicates.

What is the height of an adult merecat?

The average size of a meerkat is a foot tall (12 inches)

What size is the average stoat?

the average size is 1 foot but some can grow up to 7 foot

What shoe size would a 26 cm foot of a Indian female need?

Women's US10 fits a 26cm foot length - average foot width for that size is approx 9.5cm.

Is 5 inches a average size for a 20 year old?

5 inches is not the average size for a human being of any age. I am a 14 year old girl and i am 67 inches tall. I am a little above the average height for a fully grown female.

What is the average quadricep size for a man?

Average 15-16 inches. That is the average size for a body builder, average "normal guy" size is 10-12 inches.

What is the average size of a human adult spleen of adult female?

the human spleen is about4 inches long.