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1300 cc for females

1600 cc for males

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Q: What is the average cranial capacity?
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What is brain size also known as?

Maybe, "Cranial volume" or "Cranial capacity".

What do you think cranial capacity is a good indicator of?

I think the cranial capacity is a good indicator of the body because it helps use to think about what we do.

What was the size of homo habilis's skull?

The average cranial capacity of Homo habilis is estimated to be around 600-750 cubic centimeters. This is smaller compared to modern humans, whose cranial capacity averages around 1300-1500 cubic centimeters.

What is the cranial capacity of Homo idaltu?

The cranial capacity of Homo idaltu is estimated to be around 1,450 cubic centimeters, which is similar to that of early Homo sapiens.

What is the size of the heart of a hyena?

Although gorillas can be larger than people, their brain size is much smaller. They have a cranial capacity of 20.7 to 45.9 cubic inches while humans have at least twice that capacity if not more.

Did any hominids have larger cranial capacity than humans?

Yes - Neanderthals.

What is the difference between cranial capacity and centimeter cube?

The cranial capacity is a measure of the volume of a skull (cranium) while a centimetre cube is a measure of volume - of any object - the ignition chambers of a petrol engine, a bottle of soda, a box.

What body cavity contains and protects the brain?

The brain lies within the cranial cavity which is inside the larger dorsal cavity

What is the weight capacity of the average stair lift?

The weight capacity of a stair lift varies for each stair lift. Average capacity is between 250-300 pounds.

What is the average capacity of a animal clinic?

The average capacity of an animal clinic is subject to many different factors and is unique to each clinic. The average capacity of an animal clinic cannot be determined without knowing the capacity of every animal clinic in the world and then calculating the mean.

Where do the cranial nerves exit?

The cranial nerves exit from the brain inside the cranial cavity.

Where the cranial nerves belong?

Cranial Nerves 1-2 Cranial Nerves 3-4 belong to the midbrain. Cranial Nerves 5-8 belong to the pons. Cranial Nerves 9-12 belong to the hindbrain.