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I think anywhere from 95 to 115 pounds would be the average for a 15 year old girl of that height. According to the BMI scale, someone who is 5 feet tall can weigh anywhere from 95 to 127 pounds, without being over or underweight.

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Q: What is the average 5 foot female 15 year old weigh?
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Average weight for 6 foot 17 year old female?

I am a six foot tall female, eighteen years old and I weigh 134 lbs. This is a little underweight, 135-160 in average, I used to weigh about 148.

Average weight for 14 year old female at 5ft 1in?

not sure, but im 5 foot 1 inch and 14 and i weigh 103 pounds

How much should a 65 year old 5 foot female weigh?

110 pounds

What is the average weight of a five foot five inch tall 11 year old?

An 11 year old male who is 65" tall weighs: ~ 140# An 11 year old female of the same height would weigh: ~ 130#

What should a 14 year old girl weigh that is 5 foot tall?

100 average

What should a 13 year old female who is 5 foot supposed to weigh?

probably like a 100 to 112 pounds cuz im 13 and im a female and im 5 foot 3 in a half and i weigh exactly 110 pounds

What should a 13-year-old female who is 4 foot 10 inches weigh?

70-80 pounds

How much should you weigh you are a 5 foot 5 twelve year old female?

100 to 120 pounds

How much should a 23- year old female weigh at 5 foot 9 inches?

about tree fiddy

What is the average height and weight of a 23-year-old female?

about 4 foot or something

A normal 11 year olds weight?

Well Im 5'9 11 Year Old Male. 181 For Me. If you ask me five foot nine inches is Not normal for an 11 year old female or male, I am five foot, 11 years old, female and i weigh 108 pounds

Is it average for a 15-year-old female that is 5'5 to weigh 161 pounds?

Yes, that is perfectly fine.