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This is the same as the limit switch, just a second one it is still a normally closed circuit that opens at whatever predetermined set point

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Q: What is the auxilliary limit switch on a evcon gas furnace?
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How do you repair a furnace limit switch?

When a typical residential furnace or gas package unit "high limit switch" is found to be bad it is replaced with a new one-not repaired.

Electric furnace fan blower will not shot off?

Bad low limit switch,fan switch.

What is a high limit switch on a furnace?

This is a switch designated to stop a peice of equipment before it does damage to itself or the surroundings.

What are the possible problem for a ruud furnace overtempature switch keep tripping?

Bad hi limit switch or filter stopped up

Why won't your Goodman heater model GMT090-3B start when the thermostate is turned up?

Check the error code on the control board at the furnace. It could be a number of things. If the furnace is not lighting, it could be the ignitor If the furnace lights then goes out right away, it could be the flame sensor If the furnace lights then goes out after several minutes, it is a limit switch. Turn the tstat fan switch to on and see if the fan comes on, if it does not you have no power to the furnace, check the breakers or cutoff switch.

Your furnace blows but will not fire up?

Gas furnace have several safeties installed for your protection. If for some reason one of these safeties are not opening or closing the furnace will not fire. Most likely the pressure switch, high limit or transformer may be faulty. If it is an older model check the thermocouple.

Can you cover your cold air return for more heat?

No You can't cover the return air. Because the limit switch in the furnace will trip. If the furnace was working ok before I will check for air leaks in the return air. Good luck

Is your furnace going bad My furnace has been acting up It kicks on for about 45 seconds then it kicks off for 5 minutes and it repeats itself Could it possibly be my thermostat is bad?

Not likely, could be hi temp limit switch or bad air flow.

Why lead blast furnace is rectangular?

because round (mushroom furnaces) have limit in diameter of furnace, rectangular (Rachette furnace) can solve those problems

Can you bypass furnace limit switch?

The question is why would you want to and which limit are you suggesting? Bypassing any limit would decrease the safety features designed to protect the equipment and occupancy. Limits and safety interlocks are sometimes bypassed for troubleshooting purposes or emergencies but I would not unless you have qualifications to determine the consequences.

Gmp o75 furnace that will start up fire up and as soon as fan kicks on it shuts off have replaced board and open limit switch what else should you look for?

The phone book.

Why does your central heat blow cool air when it comes on?

If it`s a heat pump, they do that, heat is not instantaneous with them. If it`s a furnace the fan/limit switch or fan delay timer whichever you have, needs to be adjusted.