What is the autoshift on your crock pot used for?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What is the autoshift on your crock pot used for?
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What is auto shift on the proctor silex crock pot?

I think autoshift starts on HIGH for 3 hours, then switches automatically to LOW.

What's the difference between a stock pot and crock pot?

A stock pot is a regular large pot used for soups, stews and other large quantity dishes. A crock pot is an electrical slow cooker.

What is the correct spelling of crock pot or crock pot or crockpot?


What is the correct spelling of crock pot?

The term for a slow cooker is spelled "crock pot" but may appear as crockpot depending on brand. The spelling Crock-Pot is a trademark name.

Do you have any recipes for crock pot chicken?

I don't make chicken in a crock pot but a friend of mines used one from the internet, we get a lot of recipes there.

Spare ribs in the crock pot?

Yes you can spare ribs in the crock pot

Can you use a pot as a crock pot?


Can you cook salmon in a crock pot?

Yes you can cook just about anything in a crock pot

Is the cooking time extended when making a small crock pot recipe in a large crock pot?


Where can someone get crock pot recipes?

If a person were interested in obtaining crock pot recipes they can be found on numerous websites. One of the more popular and widely used websites is Allrecipes.

Where can I find Crock-Pot recipes online?

Crock - pot recipes can be found at all for some great ideas for slow cookers . Crock pot .com also offers a good ranges of recipes or 5000 crock pot recipes can be found at

Where can I find crock pot recipes?

Many different crock pot recipes for every day of the year can be found online at