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Mensuration literally means 'to measure.' It is used in measuring geometric figures, area, length and volume. It is also used to measure things such as acceleration, speed and velocity.

How is mensuration used in our daily lives?

• In cooking, we use measurements for volume when following recipe books. Tools such as measuring jugs may be used to determine volumes. When making a cake for example we may need tins of a specific width and length for a particular recipe. We may also need to weight out the weight of the dry ingredients using a measuring scale.

• Before leaving the door, we may check the weather forecast. The temperatures measured using thermometers will help determine what we choose to wear.

• When planning a car journey, we may look at a map to find out the quickest way to reach a particular distance. We may look at how to cut down the number of miles we have to travel by taking short cuts. The speed you travel at can also be measured and this may contribute to the length of your journey if you travel faster.

• Calling into the coffee shop for your morning fix will also see you faced with a mensuration dilemma. The size of cup you choose will present you with a different volume of liquid.

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Q: What is the application of mensuration in day to day life?
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Application of mensuration in day to day life?

Finding area of a plot of land being bought or sold. Finding area of a parking lot to be paved. Any of those kings of measurements.

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mensuration means measuring of something. Do you get me now, jimmy ?

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"mensuration" means the act of measuring.

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mensuration means formulas for computing areas and volumes

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mensuration is taking the measurement of something's area,volume, etc.

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Mensuration is the act of taking measurements of something, usually geometrically.

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