What is the adverb for speedy?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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The adjective speedy has the adverb form speedily. It means done in a speedy fashion or manner.

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Q: What is the adverb for speedy?
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Is speedy an adverb?

No. Unlike fast and slow, speedy is always an adjective. The adverb is speedily.

Is speedily an adverb?

Yes, it is an adverb. It is the adverb form of the adjective speedy. It means quickly or rapidly.

Does fastily use an Adverb?

There is no such word as "fastily." The adverb "fastly" means securely (made fast or attached). The word fast is the adverb used to mean speedy or quick.

What is the adverb for fast?

The word "fast" can be an adjective (speedy) or an adverb (speedily). Other adverbs that mean fast are quickly, rapidly, and expeditiously.

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"Early" as an adverb, "I lend" as a verb, and "speedy tempo" as a noun; "I render" as a verb and "speedy tempo" as a noun; and "I lend" as a verb, "on-time" as an adverb, and "speedy tempo" as a noun are the respective English equivalents of the Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish word presto. Context makes clear which meaning prevails. The respective pronunciations will be "PREH-sto" in Italian and Spanish and "PREH-shtoo" in Cariocan and continental Portuguese.

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The runner was so speedy that he won the race by a large margin.

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