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All you need to do is to look on your lease contract and it will give you not only the address but more importantly how the insurance must be stated. Generally in the case of a lease you agree to keep certain high liability limits, certain deductibles, and to list the finance company as an additional insured as well as the loss payee on your auto insurance policy. If you don't carry it exactly as the contract states the least that will happen is that they will provide such insurance and you will be charged for it, and the most they can do is to repossess the vehicle and sue you for all costs, balances, etc.

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Q: What is the address to send auto insurance policy on a Ford Lease?
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How would i find out if our companies life insurance policy from ford company is still in excitence?

Call Ford and ask who they have life insurance with now. In group life, the new company usually takes over all policies that are in existance.

Where can one lease a Ford with a special deal?

Any Ford dealership will have lease specials, especially to first-time lessees. For up-to-date information you can visit the Ford website and locate lease specials. Aside from that it's best to ask your local Ford salesman.

What are is the going lease rate on a new Ford?

Lease rates for a new Ford, or any vehicle for that matter will vary from dealership to dealership. You can lease directly from a dealership or go through your bank or credit union if they offer this service. Three dealerships in that are are Hidy Ford, Interstate Ford, and Beau Townsend Ford.

Which insurance company insures 1973 Ford Stepvan with only PIP in Florida?

Florida requires that all registered vehicles have liability too. A PIP only policy is called health insurance.

Can you purchase GAP insurance from ford motor credit after you financial your vehicle?

I have found that it's cheapest to buy that type of coverage from your insurance policy. Some offer this type of coverage and some do not. Shop around.

What is the overnight address to Ford Credit?

Ford Motors Overnight address

Which Ford dealership has the best lease rates in Detroit, MI?

Ford dealerships in the detroit area all have extremely similar lease rates, as they are all run under the same owner and as such have the same policies.

What is the contact for Motortrade Insurance?

One can find all Motor Trade Insurance contact details in their web page. The contact phone is 0800 1970 444, the address is Ford House, Market Street, Leek.

Does your significant other have health or life insurance benefits if you have been employed by Ford and a member of the UAW for over 18 years?

You need to check the terms and conditions of your policies. A significant other generally does not qualify for any benefits of your health policy. A spouse, on the other has the option to be included on your policy with an adjustment to the premium. With life insurance, the "benefit" would be to be named as beneficiary on your policy. You can name anyone you want for that.

Does ford credit offer auto insurance?

No they do not. Ford credit is a financial institution which finances the sale of cars to the public. Sometimes they offer types of insurance like credit life and credit disability that are insurance products which pay them high commissions. They also offer products called forced place coverage through other insurance companies that are used when people fail to keep the proper insurance on their vehicles financed by ford motor credit. This coverage is physical damage coverage only to cover the amount financed so that ford motor credit does not take a loss if the vehicle financed is damaged and the client did not have insurance. This coverage is very expensive, only covers ford motor credit, and the cost is added to the clients account. It is not an insurance policy and does not provide liability coverage or any other coverages needed.

When was Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy created?

Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy was created in 1914.

What is the mailing address for TJ Ford?

Address it to the Indiana Pacers in c/o TJ Ford