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Q: What is the actual peace of life?
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What is the actual name for better life on suite life on deck?

The actual name for Better Life in Suite Life on Deck is Second Life.

What is the Importance of peace in your life?

Life is about knowing one's self. Peace can make this process less stressful.

When was Life - Our Lady Peace song - created?

Life - Our Lady Peace song - was created on 2000-12-20.

How do you address a letter to a justice of the peace?

To address a letter to the justice of peace, you start by saying, "Dear Justice of Peace" if you don't know the actual name of the person you are sending the letter to.

What is the actual date of peace of World War 2?

The acutal peace of WW2 was during the conversation in Warswazska during 1945 June 15.

What were John Lennon's views on life?

John's first view was that life=music. He added on to that by starting a peace campaign, which became (peace) another view on life.

What did Gandhi do in life?

He was a peace maker

What did the hippies want in life?


Is it correct English usage to say build peace?

It would not be correct to say 'build peace'. Peace is a concept not an object. If you build something it would be an actual object. I build wooden toys for needy people. We make peace with our enemies. We don't build peace with our enemies.

Who is the president of life anddeath?

There is no actual president of life and death.

What is actual life?

Having fun!!

Why does the white dove represent life?