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Q: What is the action verb in we always (blank) to say thank you?
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Is seen an action or linking verb?

It is ab action verb. See is an action verb and seen is the past tense of see. Balls thank you

Callapsed is a action verb or a linking verb?

Action verb is action example:running.Lingking verb is verb who connects the verb to the noun or pronoun.

In the sentence the subject must always blank with the verb?


What kind of verb is always an action?

By definition, a "transitive" verb (one that has an object) must be an action verb.

Which one is verb?

it is an action or something you do. ask yourself this, " can i _____ something?" fill in the blank with the word you want to know if is a verb.

Is the word always an action verb in a sentence. when it says some one is always a president in the country.?

Yes it is an action verb.

Is tasty a action verb?

No tasty is an adjective. Thank you for the tasty snack.

Does an action verb always have a direct object?


Is PAMPER an action verb?

Yes, the verb pamper is an action verb, a word for the act of pampering.Example sentence: He always will pamper his Chihuahua.

What is a main verb?

A helping verb can work with the main verb to tell about an action. The helping verb always comes before the main verb.

Can adverbs follow a linking or action verb?

Yes, adverbs modifying a verb can apply to a linking verb or an action verb. Examples:linking verb: He is always the first one in.actin verb: He runs every Monday after school.

Is there an action verb in the sentence 'She was lazy last year'?

No. Was is the past tense of to be and is always a 'linking' verb.