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Q: What is the ability to physically accomplish all aspects of the mission while remaining healthy and uninjured?
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Which tasks does not give you the ability to accomplish?

Perform calculations in a spreadsheet.

What is physical ability?

the ability to PHYSICALLY do something. For example, a old man, say 84 would probably not have the PHYSICAL ability to run for 10 miles at a sprinting pace, this is because he is not physically able to do so :) hope this helps

What task does word NOT give you the ability to accomplish?

create slides for a presentation

Do you have the ability to work at a fast pace and accomplish cashier duties and team work?


What is the ability to use a computer and its software to accomplish practical tasks?

Computer Literacy

Do you consider yourself as a physically educated person?

yes i like to think i'am physically educated because i'm using my ability to think

Which task does Word not give you the ability to accomplish?

creating a web page

What describes intelligence as the ability to manipulate objects and be physically adept?

Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

How do you throw lightning bolt?

Humans do not physically have this ability. Tech might manage it, though.

What is mental rehearsal?

It is the ability to visualize a task that is to be performed before you actually attempt it physically.

What does traversing and elevation device accomplish on a machine gun?

Provides controlled manipulation and the ability to accurately engage targets

Why was christopher Columbus selected to discover American?

I am pretty sure it was because of his previous experience and his ability to accomplish his goals.