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Singular - eau
Plural - eaux

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The plural form of "water" in French is "eaux."

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Q: What is the Plural of water in french language?
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What is the plural noun of French?

The noun 'French' is an uncountable (mass) noun as a word for the language of France or the people of France as a whole.The word 'French' is also an adjective.

In the French language is bloc-notes singular or plural?

"Bloc-notes" is singular. The plural would be "blocs-notes".

What is the plural of French?

in french language depending masculine or feminine let's have a look to this exemple : french woman : femme française french man : homme français french women : femmes françaises french men : hommes français hope this help

What is the plural of language?

The plural form of language is languages.

What is the plural of the word language?

Languages is the plural of language

What does cousines mean in the french language?

In French, "cousines" means female cousins. It is the plural form of "cousine", which refers to a female cousin in English.

What is the English and foreign plural form of the adieu?

The English plural form of "adieu" is "adieux." The foreign plural forms can vary by language, for example in French it would be "adieux," in Spanish it would be "adiós," and in Italian it would be "addii."

How do you spell pencil sharpener in french language?

A pencil sharpener is "un taille-crayon" (masculine noun) in French, plural "des taille-crayons".

What is the plural of rendezvous?

The plural form of rendezvous is rendezvous, with the "s" pronounced (it is silent in the singular). In the French language from which the word originates, the plural form is the same as the singular. In the globalized pidgin "English" of the Internet, you are free to innovate.

What is the Plural of bonjour in french?

The plural of "bonjour" in French is "bonjours."

What is the plural of agreable in french?

The plural of "agréable" in French is "agréables."

What is the plural of sister in French?

A sister is "une soeur" in French. The plural is "des soeurs".