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Q: What is the Origin of the exession take the rag off the bush?
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How do you use the word bush plane in a sentence?

the bush plane on the plane were take off

If you take the top off of your poplar tree will it harm it?

It shouldn't it will cause it to bush out.

God told Moses take off your?

Maybe because Moses was threading on Hallowed land?

What feed off the brittle bush?

desert brittle bush

Why do some people take off shoes when worshiping?

There's precedent for it in the book of Exodus: when God speaks to Moses from the burning bush, Moses is instructed to take off his shoes for he is standing on holy ground.

What actors and actresses appeared in Take Off - 2009?

The cast of Take Off - 2009 includes: Chris Bashinelli as Ernie Ian Blackman as Dad Lane Burgess as Mom Ashley Bush as Mary

What is the song in the Stan of Arabia 2 Episode of American Dad where Bush saves the day?

"Take It Off" by Andrew W.K.

What does cotton come off?

Cotton comes off a bush.

What are the fancy planes in Alaska that take off on water?

Float plane. Bush pilots can fly either standard landing gear or floats.

Trim lilac bush?

Do not trim a lilac bush in the spring because you will cut off all of the flower buds. Trim a lilac bush after it flowers.

How do you get plaque off your teeth?

just bush a lot

Where can i find pictures of Dana's big bush?

type dana's big bush into google search. safe search off. looks like she has a nice bush