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You have to ask izzy for it

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Q: What is the Nancy drew warning at Waverly academy computer code?
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What is the newest Nancy drew computer game?

The last Nancy Drew game released was #21-Warnings at Waverly Academy [WAC].

How do you solve the DNA puzzle in Nancy drew warning at Waverly academy?

I had trouble with this one too, but go to youtube. In the search box type in, 'Warnings at Waverly Academy part 4'. Click on the first one that is posted by arglefumph. He can help you with ALL of the Nancy Drew games.

What does the piano puzzle do in Waverly academy Nancy drew?

You get a star medallion

Which Nancy drew computer game should you buy?

uhm.. it depends but my favorite Nancy drew games are the phantom of Venice, and warnings at Waverly academy... if you are doing your first one and you want something somewhat easy try secret of the old clock. or warnings at Waverly academy... all of the games are good though...

What is the hp games code for Nancy drew warnigs at Waverly academy?

You have to buy a code from target, walmart, or any other stores with computer games

What is the password for the computer in the game Nancy Drew warnings at Waverly academy?

WAC35NE136. I remember it by Waverly ACademy 35 North-East 136 But the password doesn't work on the computer until you finish the DNA puzzle. If you're stuck on the puzzle, try a youtube or gameboomers walkthrough.

What is the 21 Nancy drew game called?

Warnings at Waverly Academy [WAC].

What do the students call the library in Nancy Drew warnings at Waverly Academy?

The students call the library the "Valkyrie Library" in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy.

Who is the culprit in the Nancy Drew video game Warnings at Waverly Academy?

It's the roommate of Nancy, Corine Myers.

What is the source number for paper trail in Nancy Drew warnings at Waverly academy?


Who is the black cat in Nancy drew warnings at Waverly academy?

The black cat in "Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy" is named Isis. She is a mysterious and potentially dangerous presence at the school, causing trouble for the students and adding to the suspense of the game's storyline.

Is there a walkthrough for Nancy drew warning at Waverly academy?

I know someone on you tube that makes a walkthrough for every Nancy Drew game, so u can check there. He already has the game. His name is arglefumph is a good one :)