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Q: What is the Limited lifetime warranty on moen faucets?
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Are Moen faucets better than low poriced ones?

Moen faucets are very good, since they come with a lifetime warranty. If you can afford them then they'll make great faucets.

Where can one purchase Moen bathroom faucets?

One can purchase Moen bathroom faucets at a variety of places. One can purchase them online at Moen, Amazon, or Faucet Depot. One can also purchase Moen bathroom faucets at Home Depot and Lowe's.

Are Moen faucets the best for appearance?

Moen faucets are very modern and stylish. It is possible that they will have a great appearance to match your house. You can also look at Kohler faucets.

Where could one purchase Moen Kingsley faucets?

Moen faucets are carried at Lowe's, Home Depot and Sears. They may also be carried at your local home improvement stores. Moen is also found on Amazon, Overstock and many other online retailers.

are moen bath faucets expensive?

The cost for moen bathroom faucets can range between $100-$400 but a good website were u can get them cheaper is

Kitchen faucets that start with the letter m?

One brand name for faucets is Moen.

Who are the competitors of delta faucets?

Moen, Grohe,Hans GRohe are the competitors of delta faucets

Is moen faucets delta faucts competitor?


Which retailers carry the Moen brand of faucets?

Moen faucets for kitchen and bathroom can be found in many shops online. To name a few, one could try Moen official website, Efaucets, Lowes and Home Depot.

What is the best brand of kitchen faucets?

Moen brand is considered to be one of the best brands of faucets.

Do Moen or Kohler make low flow faucets for the bathroom or do they just have showerheads and kitchen faucets that are low flow?

Moen and Kohler both make low flow faucets for the bathroom. They provide them in several styles each.

Where can I purchase moen bathroom faucets online?

You can buy Moen bathroom faucets at, and, and also use to help you find local stores need you.