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Homeowners insurance does not have liability coverage for your job occupation. You can obtain contractors insurance for liability coverage.

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Q: What is the Liability of homeowner acting as General contractor?
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Can a homeowner insurance company file a claim against a homeowner's employee acting as a general contractor during a remodeling project?


Can a homeowner acting as the general contractor be sued by a sub-contractor in Florida?

It depends. if they are sueing you for non payment and its ur fault then yes. but if the insurance company holds the money and th contractors sign a waiver lien then no. they do that just to intimidate you.

What is the difference between contractor's liability and general liability?

Builders Risk - 1st Party coverage for a building under construction - covers the Property - building & materials. Contractors GL - Covers your exposure for causing Bodily Injury or Property Damage with exceptions. Covers you acting in your capacity as a contractor only, for example, kids playing on the job site fall in a uncovered trench. A GL policy would respond on your behalf. It would also respond to a claim such as one of your employees accidentally damages the plumbing in a building & causes water damage. Professional Liability covers professional services such as design work, site assessments & the like. Any contractor that does any sort of design work needs a Professional Liability policy in case they make design errors. The GL policy specifically excludes this.

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