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If your car is registered in VA and you live there, and they find out that it's not insured, they will fine you $500 PER CAR for not having insurance. They'll find out eventually.

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Q: What is the Law for driving without car insurance in Virginia?
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When driving without license you are?

I was driving without a licence and insurance and first time they caught me i had an accident and then another three times. They took me to court after 6 months and they give me £150 for driving without insurance four times=£600+£70 for driving without a driving licence four times £240+for ofencing the law £50 four times £200 Sow that's £1040+1 year band+9 points.

Is it criminal in the state of California to drive without auto insurance?

Driving without insurance is against the law (a civil offense) in 49 of the 50 states of the U.S. including in California, but it is not a criminal offense in any state.

What will happen if you get caught driving without insurance?

You will be penalized by the law enforcing police authority by your being caught without insurance of your car while driving on public road. Your car can be confiscated if you fail to pay the spot the find and summoned to the nearest police station for initiating case against you.

If a person is arrested for driving without insurance and it is the first offense what penalties and fines should one expect?

The first time is one time too many. If you do not carry insurance, which is the law, then you should not be driving. Insurance covers the event of accident and protects those who might be in an accident with you.

Is there a law in Virginia about driving too slow?

"Impeding the flow of traffic."

Is it illegal to keep children uninsured?

There is no law directing parents to provide health insurance for their children. It is the law that a child of legal driving age have auto insurance if he is going to be driving his own or his parent's car.

Consequences for driving without insurance?

Huge, fines, loss of license and plates, law suits, garnishments of income forever, jail time. Shall I go on?

What are Nebraska's car insurance requirements?

Yes, there is a state law that requires you to carry proof of insurance while you are driving there. This is a common law in all states.

What is the minimum amount of auto insurance required by law in VA?

See the link to Virginia law at the bottom of this page-

Is it illegal to drive my dads car if i don't have insurance but he does?

It is obviously illegal if you are on the wheel of the car without having valid driving licence. Your dad having the valid driving licence, will not prove your point in the eyes of the law.

Does driving instructor insurance cover the student in case of an accident?

Driving instructor insurance is designed to protect both the instructor and the student in the event of a crash. For student driver companies, this specific insurance is required by the law.

Can you register a vehicle without insurance in Texas?

No. Mandatory auto insurance is a state law in Texas.