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So-Se-Ji in katakana and in hiragana with these symbols.

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Q: What is the Japanese word for sausage?
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What does sausage mean in Japanese?

"Sausage" isn't a Japanese word, so it doesn't mean anything.If you're looking for the translation for sausage into Japanese, "sausage" remains in English.

What is the Japanese word of Hungarian sausage?

ハンガリー風ソーセージ : hangarii fuu sooseeji [all double vowels indicate elongation]

What is the maori word for sausage?

The Maori word for sausage is tōtiti.

Is sausage German?

The German word for sausage is Wurst.

What is a six letter word for sausage?

A sausage is a wiener.

Is sausage a noun?

Yes, "sausage" is a noun. A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea, and in this case, sausage refers to a type of food made of ground meat, often in a casing.

Is the word for sausage in french masculine or feminine?

The word for sausage in French, "saucisse," is feminine.

How do you say cheeseburger in Japanese?

ソーセージ /soo see ji/ is Japanese (loanword) for 'sausage'.[oo & ee are elongated 'o' and 'e' sounds]

How do you say bratwurst in German?

Bratwurst already is a german word ! If you translate it word by word it would be roasted sausage in english

What part of speech is sausage?

The word meat is a noun. The plural is meats.

Is sausage masculine or feminine in french?

In French, "sausage" is considered feminine. The word for sausage, "saucisse," takes the feminine article "la."

What is the Chinese word for sausage?