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Q: What is the Interdependence of the components of wellness?
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What are the different components of wellness?

the good the bad and the ugly

What are the integral components of managed care?

Wellness and preventon

What do you think are the most important components of wellness?

answer my quewstion first before i answer it

What is 5 components or level of wellness?

physical social spiritual occupational environmental

What is the importance of striving for wellness?

being healthy is described as the balance of all the components of health.

Major components of health communication?

The major components of health communication are sensitivity, shared meaning , interdependence and so much more. These are the ones that help achieve the goals of health communication.

What are the three components of the risk management?

workplace safety, employee health and wellness, and workplace and worker security

What are five components of wellness?

social health, phisycal health, spiritual health, mental health, emotional health

7 components of health?

The 7 components of health/ wellness are environmental, social, emotional, mental, physical, occupational, and spiritual. Each of these must be taken care of to be completely healthy.

What major components of health communication?

The major components of the health communication process are interdependence, shared meaning, personal goals, process and sensitivity. All five are a must in order to achieve the most effective health communication.

What is reproductive interdependence?

An important link between the members of a community is interdependence for reproduction called as reproductive interdependence

What is the antonym of codependence?

What is the antonym of interdependence. What is the antonym of interdependence.