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40006-0-Adult Day Care 40005-0-Adult Day Care - Not for Profit 42059-0-Day Camps - All other

41715-0-Day Care Centers 41716-0-Day Care Centers - Not for Profit Only

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Q: What is the General Liability Class code for day care centers?
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What is the general liability class code for Child Care?

41715-0-Day Care Centers

What is general liability class code 97050?

97050 Lawn Care Services: Limited to lawn care such as mowing, fertilizing, edging, cleaning lawns, weeding & incidental replacement of plants

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Where do you get liability insurance for a small home daycare and how much coverage do you need?

You need General Liability Insurance. Many isurers have programs tailored for day care canters you can obtain from any authorized insurer in your state.

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Binson's Home Health Care Centers was created in 1953.

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Yes, there are many daycare centers in Chicago.

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