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the general fund of a company is a required fund that they maintain at a certain balance to pay out people who cash in market investments. this is a safe, secure, and liquid account. there are gov regs that dictate the levels they have to maintain, and the amount of risk they can take in these accounts. this is often confused with the general account which pays out insurance claims for the company. but is subject to similar limitations and regulations.

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Q: What is the General Fund in an insurance company?
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Presbyterian Ministers Fund, the oldest Life insurance company in America (it traces its roots back to 1759), is now a part of the Nationwide Life Insurance Company of America. In 1990, Presbyterian Minister's Fund (PMF) became the Covenant Life Insurance Company. That firm was taken over by the Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1994. Provident was acquired by the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company in 2002. All former Presbyterian Minister's Fund policies are now serviced by Nationwide. Contact a Nationwide Insurance Company agent for assistance, or you can call Nationwide directly at 800-688-5177. For a brief history of the Fund, see: For on-line service of Presbyterian Minister's Fund policies, you can go to:

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What are insurance funds used for?

An insurance fund is essentially a pool of funds paid to an insurance company for a collective group to use. They are offered by many insurance companies in the UK.

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