What is the GS equivalent of a YC-02?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What is the GS equivalent of a YC-02?
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What rank is equivalent to gs 15?

Either O5 or O6... depends on the specific job.

What military rank is equivalent to GS-11?

The military rank that is equivalent to GS-11 varies depending on the branch of the military. In the Army and Air Force, a GS-11 equivalent rank is typically Captain. In the Navy and Coast Guard, it is usually Lieutenant.

How is the best Bakugan?

naga with 700 gs naga with 700 gs naga with 700 gs naga with 700 gs naga with 700 gs naga with 700 gs

What field grade officer level is equivalent to a GS13?

There is no direct correlation of rank between a civilian GS employee and a military officer. However, the responsibility of a GS-13 is similar to that of a Major (O-4). A Major can be a supervisor for a GS-13, but a GS-13 usually will not supervise a Major. In some organizations a GS-13 may have the same level of responsibility as a Lieutenant Colonel (O-5), but it is not that common. Like anything else in the military, there are exceptions to almost every rule.

How many Gs does a dual hydronoid have?

1000 gs 1000 gs

What does GS stand for?

On an Eclipse GS.........the "GS" stands for Grand Sport

Nh-04 and nh-03 federal government pay bands?

These pay bands are equivalent to the GS-13/15 range.

What is an Army DB-03 grade equal to in GS pay grade?

Occupational Family DB Equivalent GS Grades GS1-GS4( I) GS5-GS11 (II) GS12-GS14 (III) GS14-GS15 (IV) >GS15 (V)

This telephone no 88213480018 is from where?

gs gs

What does gs mean in the Lexus gs 350?

GS Means "Gran Sport" or Grand Sport.

How do you get gs ball in soulsilver?

i can tell you, but whats a gs ball? GS stands for Gold Silver

Who is gonzalo catan inventor?

Gish s gs g s gs g s gs g s gs g s g