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Q: What is the EER rating for Goodman Model ck42-1c?
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What is the eer rating on a rheem rakb-048jaz?

What is seer rating

how energy efficient is this product compared to other leading enrgy saving air conditioners?

LG LWHD1500ER 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioner has an energy efficiency rating of 12.0 EER, compared with other products that mostly do not pass 10.0 EER (EER meaning "Energy Efficiency Ratio" and a higher EER means that the air conditioner is more efficient)

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What is a meaning of star rating in air conditioners?

The star rating is provided for customer awareness by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency.) EER stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio.Example:One 1.5 ton AC have 5275watts cooling capacity and 1650Watts power consumption, so EER of unit is 5275/1650=3.1 EER.As per the below table, this unit is 4 star rated.Star Rating Band Valid from 01 Jan 2008 to 31 December 2009EER (W/W)Star RatingMaximumMinimum1 Star2.502.692 Star2.702.893 Star2.903.094 Star3.102.295 Star3.30

How much power does a 7 ton air conditioning unit consume?

Every appliance has a power rating in Watts which will be found on the condensing unit's label. The units Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) is also promonently displayed. EER is the number of btu transfered for each Watt consumed. 7tr = 84kbtu@ EER 10(average) = 8.4kW 8.4 kW is an average requirement for a 7 ton unit. The actual power consumption depends on: insulation, indoor/outdoor temperature difference, thermostat setting, humidity, indoor heat sources, and other factors which affect duty cycle (the percentage of time the compressor is running).

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What are the EER and BTU ratings for a Rheem Classic x heat pump - model rpka 024 jaz?

Based on typical ac equipment naming conventions - 24 - in the model number indicates 24,000 btuh nominal or about 24 tons cooling capacity.These models are advertised to be up to 14.5 SEER/12.5 EER, but could be as low as 13 SEER the actual ratings would depend on the exact match. With the complete model numbers you can find this information in the AHRI database at