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TWENTY TWO is a number that is connected with LIGHT. There were TWENTY-TWO bowls to hold oil in the candlestick in the Tabernacle. There were THREE branches on each side of the shaft of the candlestick. Each branch had three bowls. This makes six branches, with EIGHTEEN bowls. In the candlestick itself (the shaft) were FOUR bowls. (Exodus 25:31-34)

This is a total of TWENTY-TWO bowls serving the SEVEN lamps. The purpose of the candlestick with its lamps was to give light.

The saved are called the children of LIGHT. "Ye are all children of the LIGHT." (I Thess. 5:5) When FOURTEEN for salvation is added to EIGHT for the New Birth, the sum is TWENTY-TWO, Light.

*There are 22 letters in the modern Hebrew alphabet. However there were varying numbers and there are accents that can change the meaning of words.

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Q: What is the Biblical meaning of number 22?
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