What is so bad about coke?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Coke is ok if it is drank in moderation. There is a lot of sugar in it and that is the main concern. Also, some people may experience urinary problems when they drink produvts like Coke due to the caramelizing process it undergoes.

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Q: What is so bad about coke?
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Is coke and 7 up bad for you?

Coke is bad because the acid in it dissolves the calcium in your bones making you vulnerable to braking bones. 7up is natural with no fat. So coke is bad but 7 up is good.

Is Diet Coke bad?

Coke is bad in many ways. It has a lot of carbon acid in it. Coke is also considered a drug in many cases. Some peope usually drink this drink so they can stay motivated and it keep them going such as an energy drink. So an energy drink and Coke could contain some of the same ingredients. So it just varies for different people.

What is worst for your teeth coke or Diet Coke?

Regular Coke but diet is still bad for your teeth

Why is coke so bad for you?

Cause its OARSUM you shall be paralysed . plus it makes your teeth darker

Can coke denigrate a stake?

A coke would have nothing bad to say about a stake.

Which is worst for your teeth sprite or coke?

They have similar carbonation and sugar content. They are about the same on your teeth.

Which is better Diet Coke or coke what ingredients does Diet Coke have and coke has?

diet coke doesn't have any calories so that means that there is no sugar in it which gives it the diet taste, so coke has sugar. so dose coke zero!

What is in coke that makes it bad?

The large amount of caffeine and sugar in coke makes it unhealthy.

Is it bad to drink coke?

Yes. Coke has too much sugar, caffeine, and calories.

Why is it bad to drink coke?

Coke is not good for you because it has too much sugar and high calories.

Is Diet Coke bad to water plants with?


Are diet sodas bad for diabetes?

no diet coke