What is seratonin?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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a neurotransmitter, derived from tryptophan, that is involved in sleep, depression, memory, and other neurological processes.

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Q: What is seratonin?
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Can you take Lexapro and mersyndol together?

Nope, it reacts with the Seratonin and can cause seizures, rare but possible, basically a Seratonin Overdose

What enzyme does anger release?


What are the most important neurotransmiters?

seratonin and dopamine

What nutrient induces good sleep?


What are two examples of neurotransmitters?

Seratonin and dopamine

Can amitriptyline be taken with lofepramine?

I take 200mgs of luvox and 100mgs of elavil at bedtime and sleep very well. But I am wondering if it is too much seratonin and will I get seratonin syndrome?

Could I be producing excessive amounts of the same chemical in ecstasy naturally?

The human body cannot produce mdma. however mdma releases seratonin which is why you experience the "high" and your body can produce too much seratonin. I hope my answer helped. If not do some research about seratonin and see what you can find out.

Where is seratonin in your body?

Enterochromafin cells in the alimentary canal

What specific neurotransmitter is released when stretching or exercising?


Why Does shrooms get you high?

Due to the release of Seratonin in the brain. Kind of the same way MDMA (exctasy -hate that word) releases Seratonin and keeps you up and going all night.

How many holes does 8 ectasy pills put in your brain?

ecstasy doesnt really put holes in ur brain just depletes seratonin levels but seratonin recharges after a while

Where is it possible to learn about seratonin?

You can learn about seratonin from medical help websites or books. A good place to start to learn some basic information is Wikipedia. It will also lead you to more comprehensive resources.