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Q: What is recommendation of a research?
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What are stages in market research process?

= stages in market research process = 1-research purpose 2-research objectives 3-estimate the value of information 4-design the research 5-collect the data prepare and analyze the data 6_report research result and provide strategic recommendation.

What is the importance of conclusion and recommendation in a lab report?

Conclusion is essential in a lab report because it summarizes the whole research paper.

My recommendation you should get reviews on all company that you are interested buying your smartphones?

Before you buy your smartphone don't forget to do your research.

What is the difference between recommendation and suggestion?

suggestion can be recommendation but recommendation can not be suggestion. The only differentiate factor between suggestion and recommendation is the flow order in recommendation is from upper level to lower level where else suggestion its from lower to upper and can be in same level.

What is recommendation in Tagalog?

"Recommendation" in Tagalog is "rekomendasyon" or "rekomendasyon."

What is the task of an international marketing researcher?

It is their job to determine if a company will be successful at marketing in other countries. They will look at every aspect in their research before giving a recommendation.

What has the author John J Curry written?

John J. Curry has written: 'Socioeconomic aspects of recommendation identification in Swaziland' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Farmers, On-farm, Research, Swaziland Cropping Systems Research and Extension Training Project

Does recommendation have a plural form?

Yes, "recommendations" is the plural form of "recommendation."

How would you put recommendation into a sentence?

He received a recommendation for his efforts.She asked for an employee's recommendation for a dessert to buy.

What is recommendation on footnote to youth?

recommendation of footnote to youth

Use recommendation in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.Her boss gave her a glowing recommendation when she had to move.My recommendation is that you stay in school.I would like a recommendation on which car to buy.

Where can I get a recommendation for a good locksmith in Plainfield, Indiana?

There are many online websites that offer reviews of locksmiths. You can also do research on the various locksmiths to find the best one closest to your area.