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Q: What is public health enemy number one?
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What are the ratings and certificates for Public Enemy Number One - 1981?

Public Enemy Number One - 1981 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

Which one of the following would you classify as public enemy number 1 in terms of a pollutant health hazard?

sulfur oxides-NovaNET

Who was the FBI's first public enemy number one?

John Dillinger

Substance abuse and addiction are called?

Drugs are public enemy number one.

Who was the FBI's second public enemy number one?

Lester" BaBY fACE Nelson" Gillis

Who is public enemy number one?

John Dillinger was the most famous one. There have been many. When number one is apprehended, number 2 moves up the list, or a new one is chosen.

In may 1932 public enemy number one al Capone of what crime was he convicted of?

They arrested Capone on tax evasion.

When was Number One Enemy created?

Number One Enemy was created on 2010-03-01.

What kinds of public health focuses on one community?

Community health

What kind of public health focuses one community?

Community health

Why are governments responsible for public health and safety?

One of the basic responsibilities ofgovernment is to maintain the public health and safety. It just is.

Public health legal number of days the office can be closed?

Public Health Agencies are 24/7/365 operations and there is ALWAYS somebody on call to respond to health emergencies. Local public safety agencies (police/fire/EMS) would always know how to reach someone in an emergency but the fact that their public office may be closed does not mean there is no one working or on-call.