What is proper hygiene?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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DAILY: Wearing Deodorant, Brushing your teeth, Brushing/Combing your hair, also if your a female when you get your period of course wear tampons or pads, one other thing is if your a girl wear a bra when it comes time

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Q: What is proper hygiene?
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Hygiene and problem of mental hygiene?

It is not a proper sentence!

What happens to your bodies if you do not use proper hygiene?

You smell

Ano ang kahulugan ng personal hygiene in tagalog?


What can one do to maintain proper sleep hygiene?

Proper sleep hygiene focuses on the person, the bed, and the bedding. Drooling and other activities can increase uncleanliness. The bed and bedding are subject to molding, mildew, and various infestations.

Proper hygiene of the reproductive system?

wala ang hirap ng tanong?!

What is the proper hygiene after circumcision?

You need to be extra careful so the wound can heal.

What is the difference between hygiene and sanitation?

Proper sanitation and hygiene are key elements in promoting health and overall well-being of people. This include proper disposal of wastes and avoiding any form of contact with hazardous substances among other things.

Feminine hygiene while you have menstruation?

Feminine hygiene is important specially during menstrual periods due to the increased risk of bacterial infections during these "periods". Maintaining proper hygiene can be done by using feminine hygiene products such as pads, tampons, washes etc.

What are the proper hygiene for the legs?

Wash them and shave them and moisturize them and also hug them eeevry day.

What should people do if they have an asthma?

eat right food,proper hygiene and everyay exercises.

How to get girls to flock to you?

One way to get girls to flock to you is to exercise proper hygiene. Good hygiene in combination with a great sense of humor is sure to attract more girls than poor hygiene and a bad sense of humor.

What contributes to good food hygiene?

To have a good food hygiene also means proper food preparation and safety as well as personal hygiene for those who prepares and handles the food - mostly for people in the food business and industry.