What is prepsol?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Prepsol is a flammable wax and grease remover

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Q: What is prepsol?
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Does Water leak from under dashboard?

Yes, water can leak from under your dash. There are seams on the outside sides of the wall. You would have to remove some body panels to get to the seams.This is what happened with my Honda civic. here are some From Seam Under Corner of Dash(Supersedes 92-050, dated May 15, 1995)SYMPTOMA water leak into the footwell from under the left or right corner of the dash.PROBABLE CAUSENot enough sealer on the cowl side of the panel-to-bulkhead seam.CORRECTIVE ACTIONApply sealer to the seams where the side panel joins the bulkhead. Refer to section 20 of the appropriate Service Manual for removal and reinstallation of body components.1. Look for a leak from the lower comers of the dashboard while an assistant runs water over the windshield and cowl. Confirm which side is leaking.2. Remove the arms and the cowl cover.3. Remove the side sill, the inner fender, and the front fender from the side that is leaking.4. Insert a scraping tool through the access holes, and remove all loose sealer. For better visibility, shine a flashlight through the holes.5. Before you reseal the seams, clean them with a wax and grease remover such as Prepsol.6. Apply a generous amount of 3M Ultra Pro Seam Sealer (see REQUIRED MATERIALS) to the seams on the inner panel. Make sure you seal all of the seams.NOTE : You may need to fasten a length of rubber tubing to the sealer spout when applying sealer to the upper parts of the seams.7. Inspect the area at the bottom of the A pillar and around the hood hinge. Seal any gaps that you find in the sealer.8. Driver's side only: Inspect the grommet around the hood release cable, and seal it if needed.9. Retest the area for leaks.10. Reinstall all removed parts.REQUIRED MATERIALS3M Ultra Pro Seam Sealer (order from 3M dealer):P/N 051135-08302 (5 oz tube)P/N 051135-08380 (310 ml foil pack, requires P/N 08398 flexible applicator gun)