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Dana Torres, who at 40 years old continued to compete and win medals in swimming at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

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Q: What is positive concept of health example?
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An example of holistic concept of health?


What are examples and meanings of positive and negative concepts of health?

A positive health concept is one that leads to beneficial behavior: moderate exercise is good for you. A negative concept is one that leads to behavior that is bad for health: it is good to raise fat babies.

What is meant by positive health concept?

The positive approach looks at health by saying an individual achieves a healthy state through their own contributions to wellbeing.

Describe sick role concept of ill health?

concept of ill health

What is postive health?

Positive health could mean 1 of 2 things. One thing it could mean is that your being positive about your health. For example: Eating right, staying fit, sleeping the right amount of time. The second thing it could mean is that the doctor says you have a positive health which means you are healthy.

What is concept communication?

what is concept of community health?

What is the concept of social health?

Social health refers to an individual's ability to form meaningful relationships, interact with others, and participate in social activities. It involves maintaining positive connections with family, friends, and the community, as well as feeling a sense of belonging and support in social settings. Good social health is essential for overall well-being and can have a significant impact on mental and physical health.

What is an example of a concept?

An example of a concept is called a prototype.

What is concept of community health?

what is the definition of community health ???

The difference between negative and positive definitions of health?

positive-takes the health of the person on whole prospective, mind, body and soul. the state of a persons well being and health rather than just medical includes emotional too negative-takes the purely biomedical view on health where health=the absence of illness A Positive definition of health and well-being has to include the 'maintaining' of it. For example, Fern Britton could be viewed as an example of Positve health and well-being as although she is popular, has a loving family, and is obviously intelligent - she knew she needed to lose weight to improve her health and well being and did so successfully. So the 'maintenance' aspect of this definition is what makes it 'positive' otherwise it reads as a 'holistic' definition.

What are negative and positive rights?

Negative rights are rights that are respected by inaction. For example, privacy is a negative right since people can respect your right to privacy by not doing things that violate your privacy. Positive rights are rights that require action to respect it. For example, health care would be a positive right because if you have a right to healthcare, people have to actually work to respect that right by providing health care.

Holistic concept of health?

The word holistic comes from 'whole'. Therefore a holistic concept of health considers the whole person, rather than just the separate aspects of health. It recognises that each one of the aspects of health has an impact on the other ones. For example if a person is emotionally upset, their mental and physical health can also be affected. So could their social and spiritual health. Another example could be that if a person is not physically fit, because they have injuries, it would affect them emotionally as they are bound to be upset, and this could affect their mental health, which could then affect their social health, as they will not have the ability to make and maintain relationships. It is very difficult to separate the aspects of health as they are interrelated and interdependent.