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Q: What is one way to stimulate some very interesting and specific sense responses?
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What is nervous coordination?

The nervous system recives stimuly from the external environment through the sense organs and transmit their information through the central nervous system. The central nervous system analysis it and than sends signal to the stimulate responses by the specific organs.

Why people with sense of humor are interesting?

People with a sense of humor tend to see the world from a different point of view. Though this is only part of having a sense of humor, this alone can make them "interesting."

What responses you will do to survive?

Could you rephrase the question? It doesn't make any sense now!!

What is the purpose of the CNS?

to receive information from the sense organs,analyze the information,and initiate responses.

Another word for cause?

Sense 1: cause, do, make, create Sense 2: induce, stimulate, have, get Source: because?

Objects that are intended to stimulate a sense of beauty in the viewer are thought to be rather than functional?


How does personality affect a person's responses to stress?

it effects the persons sense of self.

Which element can help evoke a better sense of mood in your writing?

appropriate comparisons

What did gaius maecenas was interesting in?

this question makes no sense.

Can plants sense other plants?

Plants do not have senses (or nervous systems). They do have a certain amount of built-in automatic responses to stimuli, and yes, some of these involve other plants. It is an area of study that scientists have found very interesting. There has been some indication that there may be an ability to sense what is happening in nearby plants, but no experiment has been designed that can definitively say.

What is a synonym for induce?

== Synonyms (Grouped by Similarity of Meaning) of verb induce Sense 1 induce, bring on => generate, bring forth -------------- Sense 2 induce, stimulate, cause, have, get, make -------------- Sense 3 induce, stimulate, rush, hasten => effect, effectuate, bring about, set up -------------- Sense 4 induce => reason, reason out, conclude See link below for the source of the above.

Does the cold stimulate the mind?

Yes, Yes it does!! It's sort of common sense. You sleep when you warm and you don't when its cold.