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Q: What is one of the broad goals of healthy people?
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Is one of the broad goals of healthy people 2010?

To increase the years of healthy life for each American

Which of these is not one of the broad goals of psychology?

to punish behavior

One of the three broad categories of career interests is?


What was one of Rosa parks goals?

Her goals were to have blacks treated fairly and as respectfully as white people

This company is a people business with customer service and satisfaction as one of its primary goals. How do you can contribute to our goals?

why do you think im asking

How many stores did Walgreens want to have by 2010?

In 2000 one of Bernauer's goals for Walgreen was to use his broad experience in operations to build the company to six thousand stores by 2010.

When was One South Broad created?

One South Broad was created in 1932.

What is a good broad mare?

A good brood mare is one that is healthy and able to give birth with little difficulty. They are usually a female born of very good lineage.

How many syllables are in broad?

Broad only has one syllable.

What were Alexander the Great's Goals?

to be the best greek ever

Why would one be interested in public health?

Public Health ensures a healthy neighbourhood, a healthy society and a healthy nation. We would be interested in public health because if our surrounding people are healthy and if our surroundings are healthy we can remain healthy.

How are science and engineering related to one another?

Science is the broad term for the things we know on our planet, and engineering is a subset of science. Specifically engineering is the things we invented to help us accomplish our goals as humans.