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Q: What is needed in small amounts tokeep body processes working properly?
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What is needed in very small amounts to keep body processes working properly in food digestion?

Enzymes are necessary to keep digestion going.

Many trace elements are important parts of?

Trace elements are needed by the body to keep it healthy and functioning properly. They are primarily required in small amounts for enzymes and hormones.

Is vitamin A better than vitamin C?

They have completely different functions in the body and are both needed in small amounts for the body to function properly. Neither one triumphs the other.

How to fix car lighting problems?

If a car's lights are not working properly, the fuses should be replaced. The light bulbs should also be replaced if needed.

After replacing the master cylinder and bleeding the brakes on a 1988 Ford Escort you still have no brakes what now?

Did you bench bleed the master ? Are the calipers and wheel cylinders working properly ? Is there a break in the line somewhere ? Last , is the booster working properly ? What happens when you step on the brake now ? Are they soft and spongy ? Does the car stop at all ? More info is needed to answer this question properly.

What is needed in large amounts to train a dog?

What is needed most in large amounts is genuine and well-timed praise. A close second is patience.

How might cells organs tissues be affected if the digestive system was not working pro-pertly?

If the digestive system was not working properly, the needed nutrients may not be absorbed. A lack of nutrients needed for the biologic functions of cells, organs, and tissues might affect both their anatomic integrity and their successful function.

Why are large amounts of peat needed to form small amounts of anthracite?

The peat has to be compressed.

Are vitimens and minerals needed in big amounts?


Which is needed in significant amounts by the body?


What is needed in significant amounts by the body?


Are needed by the body in small amounts?