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In construction a column neck is part of the slab foundation. It is put in place to help stabilize the concrete.

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Q: What is neck column in construction?
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What is neck vertebra?

A neck vertebra is a cervical vertebra, one of the bones of the spinal column in the neck.

Which division of the back contains neck vertebrae?

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What is a neck?

The neck is considered the part of the vertebral column that supports the head. The neck is also a classification of bone that is a narrow connection between the epiphysis and the diaphysis.

Does the spinal column include the neck bone and back bone?

Yes it does...

What is piling in construction?

make a column of concrete underground as pillar for bridges

What is a box column?

A box column is a type of building column that is hollow and usually has a cross-section that is rectangular. They are often used in the construction of building additions like porches.

Where is construction joints in column?

To avoid reinforcement lapping zone and spliceing zone

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