What is mousse made of?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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mousse usually has water propane isobutane and polyquaternum and alot of other chemicals

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Q: What is mousse made of?
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Who made chocolate mousse i am doing an research about chocolate mousse and i really want to know more about were did it come from and who was the first person to make it?

The French made the chocolate mousse and all the other types of mousses.

Is chocolate mousse made in France?


What kind of mousse won't damage my hair?

mousse doesn't damage your might dry it out though.. so i would use a conditioning mousse made by paul mitchell.

How did the dessert mousse get its name?

A sweet or savoury dish made as a smooth, light mass in which the main ingredient is whipped with cream and egg white.

Is a mousse a carnivore?

No. Mousse is a kind of French dessert made with chocolate or fruit. A moose is an herbivore. Mice are generally herbivores as well.

Where can one buy 'Mousse Substantif' by Kerastase online?

Mousse Substantif does not sound like a real product, but it is. It is made by the company Kerastase and can be found and bought online from that company.

How would you describe a quality made chocolate mousse?

Rich and chocolatey, with a silky texture.

Can chocolate mousse be made the night before?

Aah, the night before! Gotta love the Beatles!

How do you say mousse in french?

mousse is pronounced like 'moo-ss'

Why was chocolate mousse invented?

i think you mean mousse, and because its amazing!

How do you make mousse pie?

Mousse pie doesn't exist in Runescape

What is the mousse?

One of the meanings of mousse is an airy pudding-like desert. The other kind of mousse is a foam product that has a similar use to hairspray.