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Q: What is most common risk in radiation exposure?
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How can you reduce exposure to radiation to mimimize the risk of health effects?

Wear a lead suit

What are the risks of radiation exposure for a Stonybrook student?

A student in a properly designed and managed academic environment in the US or Canada, among other countries, should have minimal risk of radiation exposure.

What are some of the health risks of radioactivity?

Depending on the amount and duration of exposure, exposure to ionizing radiation carries with it risk of:radiation burnshair loss"radiation sickness"cancerreduced life spangenetic damage

Are x rays safe for young children?

There is a risk of getting radiation exposure from x rays. This exposure can increase the risk of gene mutations and cancer. Overall, x rays are safe for young children, but should avoid over exposure and unnecessary exposure when able.

What are the dangers of handling X Ray instruments?

Apart from the common risk of radiation exposure by the operator, harm to the client is also common due to mishandling. They are very sophisticated instruments and should only be operated by certified technicians.

Why did so many of the scientists who studied radiation die early deaths?

Because they were exposed to radiation everyday giving them more exposure and higher risk.

What risks exist for the patient in undergoing a gallium scan of the body?

There is a minimal risk of exposure to radiation from the gallium injection, but the exposure from one gallium scan is generally less than exposure from x rays.

What risk is associated with using nuclear fission to produce energy in a power plant?

exposure of workers to radiation. hope that helps.

What are the risks from mammography?

The risk of radiation exposure from a mammogram is considered minimal and not significant. Experts are unanimous that any negligible risk is by far outweighed by the potential benefits of mammography.

Does radiation levels on earth increase during solar storms?

Not appreciably, or at least, not at sea level. Flight crews flying at 42,000 feet on polar routes (for example, Los Angeles to London or New York to Tokyo) _ARE_ at risk of increased radiation exposure. And some commercial airline flights have been cancelled for this reason! The Earth's atmosphere protects us against most solar radiation, but at high altitude, you are above 3/4 of the atmosphere. For most airline crews, it's only a minor increase in the lifetime radiation exposure risk. But solar storms can increase the risk. And on polar routes, the Earth's magnetic field offers less protection than in temperate latitudes. When all three combine, the risk of radiation-induced cancers can get up to the "Measurable" level.

What part of the cell is particularly at risk from exposure to ultra-violet rays?

Both ultraviolet radiation and damaging oxygen radicals caused by sun exposure may damage cells, particularly their DNA.

What risks are involved in taking a mammogram?

The risk of radiation exposure from a mammogram is considered virtually nonexistent. Experts are unanimous that any negligible risk is far outweighed by the potential benefits of mammography.