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2 litres

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Q: What is minimum quantity of water for a human being in one day?
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Why sea water is not useful for plants and human although it is present in large quantity in the world?

It's salty.

Why can drink a large quantity of sea water a threat to human health?

It has too much salt; it can be toxic.

What percent water is the HUMAN being?


Who should save water?

human being should save the water

How much maximum to minimum water need a day?

a human needs 8 to12 glasses in a day .

Is alcohol toxic to the human body?

In high enough quantity, alcohol can be toxic. The same is true of salt, sugar, and even water.

Human beings can survive without fresh water?

yes human being can't survive without fresh water

Is Lemon plus honey plus boiled water beneficial for reducing fat?

yes it is reduce body weight but it is not suitable for girls. Girls add a minimum quantity of lemon

Can a human being breath under water?

No, humans do not have the ability to breathe under water

What is dried human plasma and human serum?

Dried human plasma and human serum is prepared by freeze-drying or by other methods that will avoid denaturation of the proteins. This will yield a product readily soluble in a quantity of water equal to the volume of liquid plasma and human serum.

What is the difference between water quantity and water quality?

water quantity is how much water and water quality is how good the water is, like is it clear and taste good.

Will water vapour decrease in amount after being exhaled by a human and before it was inhaled by a human?

exhaled water vapor will be greater than inhaled water vapor