What is midshift?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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mid shiftby Grumpy » Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:02 pm

ok guys...... i need a little help here ..... i got some spare cash this month so im looking for my mid shift conversion ........ yeah yeah yeah .....l i know i have asked this b4 but now i got a twist ...... i been looking ALL over and cant seem to find the kit i need for the price i can afford....... if ANYONE can help me look around to find the CHEAPEST conversion kit that i might can afford then that i would be GREATLY appreciated ... even if its a used one ..... i have looked on eBay and ALOT more places but i KNOW there HAS to be a place out there that has one cheaper than i have found.. even a USED one..... im gettin closer to being able to do my swap bu that is ONE thing i REALLY REALLY need b4 i can start the swap. So i don't have to cut a hole in my tranny tunnel to make room for the stock position location for the Tremec trans for the Mustang .. i REALLY need one of these so i can get everything mocked up and set in place so i can take it to get my chassis exit headders and exhaust ran.

so ANY help on finding me a CHEAP mid-shift conversion will help me out immensely and will save me some $$$ on the side .. cuz as you all know im disabled and Social Security SUX ., esp in Mississippi ............ so PLEASE help me ?!?!?!?!?Thank you SO much....... this forum ROCKS and when i get my truck painted i WILL put a v-8 Ranger logo on it in a couple places to show how much you all helped me and advertise it in the process and live it to the fullest and recommend to EVERYONE that this forum is WICKED and HELPFUL and will possibly help or direct or supervise a few more conversions here...... hell i might even start a V-8 Ranger Club all across America to show and pride in something that ppl build them self ..

hell who knows i might be able to get us all ona TV show....... Gearz .... with Staecy David on Speed channel .. on the What Are You Working On segment ....... will have to see..... but would need all kinds of info on EACH truck... whats in it .... what had to be done...and how long it took .. all the stats.

anyway .. please help on the shifter thing .. TYVM bro's

P.S. Dave .. if you got a spare one .. make me a price bro ..... or see if you can get another one .... or close to it .... or tell me where you got yours .. one more time ... and see if you can get me a phone # or URL so i can go look or call for questions .. ty bro


90 Ranger Custom - work in progress - putting in a 5.0 out of a 90 Mustang GT .. Tremec TKO-600 .. X303 FMS cam .. ported heads .. K&N air filter .. lowered .. Weld Drag Lites (got a set of Weld Pro-Stars too) .. putting in a 8.8 with Auburn Pro ... Moser custom alloy street axles (31 spline) and a 3:73 gear ... ordered the L&L engine mounts and oil filter relocation adapter for the block .. will just have to do it and finish it and post pix

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Q: What is midshift?
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