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Micardis is a blood pressure medication of the type known as angiotensin receptor blockers (or ARB's). Angiotensin is a chemical that the body produces to raise blood pressure and these drugs work by blocking their effects.

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Q: What is micardis high bloodpressure?
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Is micardis good for angina?

is micardis metoprolol

What should do to normalise high bloodpressure?

Take the advice of your doctor

Can you take lipozene with high bloodpressure?

Yes there are no interactions.

Can you take micardis with codeine?

Can I take panadine forte while taking micardis

Is too much salt bad for you?

yes it can cause high bloodpressure and heart problems

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Can you buy micardis hct at walmart and target?


How do you take senega and ammonia and what are the side effects?

i am on bloodpressure medication, betablockers and panadeine forte. can senega and ammonia elevate bloodpressure and heartrate?

Is micardis an ace inhibitor?

No, Micardis is an ARB (angiotensin II receptor blocker). ACE inhibitors reduce the production of Angiotensin-II, whereas ARBs block them from binding to receptors on cell walls).

Does hoodia raise blood pressure?

I've been taking hoodia sure for four days now and been monitoring my bloodpressure twice a day (I have high bloodpressure and take 160mg of Diovan daily). As of yet I haven't noticed any increases or decreases, but like I said its only been four days.

Is eating grapefruit dangerous if you take micardis?

Ya noob.

What is the normal blood preasure for a 20 year old?

120/80 is the ideal bloodpressure (120 being the bloodpressure at a heartbeat, 80 being the bloodpressure in between heartbeats). Small deviations are acceptable: the peak pressure should be between 110 and 140, the low tension between 70 and 90. From 140/90 up, this is considered high bloodpressure and a risk factor for diseases. A very small difference between high and low (say, 110/90) can also be an indication of a problem. By the way, if you have a lower bloodpressure than the ideal BP, consistently, and you feel healthy otherwise, don't worry about it! There just are people whose bloodpressure is always low, usually very petite females. Personally, I feel fine at 90/60, and not-so-fine at 120/80, actually... A low bloodpressure combined with a feeling of weakness and dizzyness is certainly a problem, as is a low bloodpressure after an accident or other trauma with blood loss! A very low BP can cause your brain to suffer oxygen starvation, and should be treated by a doctor immediately!