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Periodic loosely means "from time to time". In wellness, a health check may be every 6 to 12 months. A health check-up is a routine exam done mostly in wellness, but these checks can identify problems early. So a "periodic health check up" means you see a doctor every 6 months to a year even when you feel well.

The schedule of wellness exams for infants, toddlers, and children is more frequent.

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Q: What is meant by periodic health check up?
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Is there a need to have a periodic health check up?

you cannot have it !

Why is there a need to have a periodic health check up?

It's needed to have a periodic health check up to know if you are experiencing disease or some sort of sickness in our body. we will also find out what is our current nutritional status, and also to have a healthy body. I agree with the above point regular health check ups reveal our true side of health. Regular health check ups help to detect any kind of diseases at an early stage. Additionally regular check ups also show the true state of our health whether our body is perfectly fit or are there any kind of deficiencies in our body.

What are the horizontal collum called in the periodic table?

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What is a PC health check?

This is shorthand for "primary care (physician) health check-up"

Definition of regular check up?

The definition of a regular check up in terms of health is a medical examination to ascertain one's state of health. The check up will either verify a normal state of health or perhaps the discovery of an illness or health condition.

Is hiv test includes in annual health check up?

Does annual health check up includes hiv test

What is health screening?

a check up

Who should conduct the health check up?


Iron sulphate formula?

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What is ADA procedure code D 00120?

It's a periodic oral exam - a 6 month check up.

What is code V70.0 for?

V70.0 is a code for a general health check up or physical.

What is known as health check up?

A health check up is where the doctor checks your height and weight, checks your ears, nose, and throat, feels your stomach for any abnormalities, may check your private areas, and gives you and shots needed. The doctor will probably ask you if you have any questions.